The Death of the Brown Americano

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  • Published: November 2010
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The Death of theBrown Americano follows on The Buenavida Dilemma and examines the experiences of one Hispanic family living in the territory of New Mexico from 1850 through 1913. Th e author details the life and times of the Buenavida family as it struggles to survive and adapt to a new country while preserving its cultural values.


“The author has written a compact and poignant treatment of the subject (the experiences of the Hispanics who settled the Southwest) which not only informs us of the history of Hispanics in the Southwest, but also of the impact of that history on the social structure of southwest society and the success of Hispanic peoples”.
Barbara Couture, PhD, President, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico

“I could imagine my own ancestors in these situations (those of the Buenavidas)—in fact much of what Jose Uranga recounts is probably very similar to what most early Hispanics experienced. Some had the foresight and courage to cope with the situations proactively as the Buenavida family did, but others obviously did not and many opportunities were lost or not fully exploited. Many, however, through the generations not only persevered but succeeded wildly”.
Manuel Pacheco, PhD, Phoenix, Arizona, President Emeritus, University of Missouri, University of Arizona

“A touching story of a traditional Hispanic family which brings to life key events in the history of New Mexico during the late 1800’s by weaving them with family history. An excellent supplement for New Mexico history teachers”.
Cynthia Castañeda, PhD, Professor of Government, Eastfield College, Dallas, Texas

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