Why Entrepreneurs Really Fail

The Road to Success … Always Under Construction

by Nozer Buchia



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Publication Date : 6/22/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 256
ISBN : 9781450299374
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 256
ISBN : 9781450299381

About the Book

Why Entrepreneurs Really Fail, is not just a book… it is the struggle that I have gone through as an entrepreneur, in life and in business.

Through various chapters that describe the challenges faced in time by an entrepreneur, I have taken the liberty of highlighting an account of my experiences, my mistakes, my successes and of course my failures.

This book is practical for college and university students that want to comprehend what entrepreneurship is all about. It will also serve as a guide for those sitting on the fence, not knowing whether to jump in the world of entrepreneurship or not, and what it would take to be successful. It will help young entrepreneurs acknowledge entrepreneurship struggles and determine their road to success. My experiences will also allow successful businessmen to reflect on their businesses and ascertain the reasons for their triumph or lack of it.

The book symbolizes the fact that mistakes are an essential ingredient in the pot of success. It also demonstrates the fact that to be successful, one has to follow the discipline that a business demands with the common sense that is needed to operate it, grow it and then sustain it. To be an entrepreneur one has to behave like one. Emotions have very little to do in business and hence should not be used to either make decisions or even to follow through on them.

The book touches on topics that are critical for the success of a business and an entrepreneur.

We seldom talk about the entrepreneurs spouse… well I have. Personal experiences and interviews with successful and then not-so successful entrepreneurs have shown that a spouse can make a business or break it. Or for that matter, entrepreneurs that are faced with criticism from their spouses have been known to dump their ventures and move on to a lesser threatening, lesser riskier undertaking.

About the Author

Nozer Buchia, also sometimes referred to as “Mr. Motivator,” is an internationally-acclaimed motivational, inspiration and keynote speaker of repute. He is known as a “speaker’s-speaker” due to his dynamic inimitable style of humor and delivery, and his practical approach to any situation. His straight-from-the heart, high energy and passionate message has motivated audiences worldwide, and has enabled them get out of their comfort zone and get into greatness. A leader at heart, Nozer is a story teller and a great one at that too. His real life experiences and humorous examples and episodes, are the embodiment of his talks. His message is delivered with great passion and complete conviction, as he has lived what he talks about. His determination, persistence and his never-give-up attitude has enabled him to be successful in life and in the world of business. “There is always a way, you have to find it; just because you cannot find it does not mean it does not exist”. His power of positive thinking, coupled with his message of success through failures, will compel you to look at yourself differently but confidently, and will lead you into empowering yourself and believing in your true worth. The way he does this is by sharing with his audiences, stories of his own successes and failures, and what he did differently to finally get there. He candidly shares his experiences about mistakes and accomplishments, and how one needs to navigate through life in order to be successful. He also cites examples of triumphant entrepreneurs and what they did in their own lives to achieve success. Corporations worldwide have benefited from his motivational and keynote addresses as he helps formulate and communicate corporate strategy with clarity and effectiveness. Nozer’s credentials match his reputation as an organization builder and a turn-around specialist. He has repositioned non-performing and under-performing organizations in several continents and has assisted several individuals and corporations worldwide in recognizing their true potential and value. AUTHOR/COLUMNIST • Entrepreneurship • Growth • Leadership • Human Relations • Value MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER • Universities • Private Events • Chambers of Commerce • Rotary Clubs • Corporate Events • International Alliances ORGANIZATION BUILDER • Turn-Around Specialist • Visionary • Leadership • Growth • Results CORPORATE STRATEGIST • Strategies for Growth • Innovative Approaches • Board Meetings • Assessing • Advising • Assisting Nozer serves on Advisory Boards of Corporations that seek to gain from his advice and counsel. He has also served as a Mentor in the Bauer College of Business’ Mentorship Program (University of Houston). He has been a visiting Professor at several Colleges and Universities in India and the USA. Nozer has a background in Computer Programming, Design and Management, a Certificate in ‘Organization and Methods Study’ and two Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration. He has done his Business Management from The Australian Institute of Management and has earned an MBA in Strategic Management from Michigan, USA. Nozer was born in Mumbai (Bombay), India, has lived in Sydney, Australia, and now resides in Houston, Texas, USA. He has a daughter Shiraz and two sons, Aarish and Kyrus. His wife Persis has been his pillar of strength and a foundation of support and encouragement in his life.