Legends of Kenpo

Rainer Schulte

by Michael Miller



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 1/21/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 180
ISBN : 9781440117282

About the Book

This is the beginning of a series of biographies meant to provide clarity to Kenpo practitioners worldwide about the history of where Ed Parker’s art came from, how it evolved into what it is today, and who some of the key soldiers were. This series will serve as a historical documentation of the garden produced by the seeds sowed by Ed Parker and some of his most decorated dignitaries.

This is Rainer Schulte’s story—a story of a young German boy who at the age of 5 was caught in the middle of a firefight between Russian and German soldiers during World War II, being one of the only German survivors along with his sister Ursula and mother Martha. Rainer’s first success of dodging death began his adventure of overcoming turmoil and becoming a successful government protector and Kenpo master.

About the Author

Michael Miller is a freelance writer and author based out of Bradford, Pa. He has many publishing credits including several magazine feature articles in Inside Kung-fu and Black Belt magazines. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in writing with a minor in sociology from the University of Pittsburgh. Additionally, at the publication date of this book, Miller is a fourth degree black belt in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo under seventh degree black belt Sean P. Kelley. Miller also actively trains with Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick, Grandmaster Dave Hebler and Master Rainer Schulte. He attends seminars around the United States to also take classes under other Kenpo greats as well as such legends as Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and Joe Lewis. Miller is a certified instructor under Grandmaster Dave Hebler and the Gift of Power Foundation to teach “Threat Level Yellow” which is a beginner level women’s self-defense program. Miller is Hebler’s senior consultant for the Gift of Power and is a member of the Chinese Karate Federation serving as the CKF Public Relations Administrator. He runs a full time Kenpo school, Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo, located at 443 East Main Street in Bradford, Pa 16701. You can visit his Web site at www.millersdojo.com and he can be reached at 814-368-3725 or by e-mail at michaelmiller@worldblackbelt.com.