She Is Everywhere! Volume 3

An Anthology of Writings in Womanist/Feminist Spirituality

by Mary Saracino & Mary Beth Moser



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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/15/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 460
ISBN : 9781462064335
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 460
ISBN : 9781462064359
Format : E-Book
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Page Count : 460
ISBN : 9781462064342

About the Book

She Is Everywhere! Volume 3 presents a bold, brave, and beautiful compilation of womanist/feminist essays, poems, and artwork showcasing work from an international community of women and men who honor the Sacred Female.

The fifty contributors in this anthology—scholars, creative writers, and visual artists—share their vision for a world that reclaims the inviolability of the Divine Female in all Her many and varied manifestations.

She Is Everywhere! Volume 3 is the latest edition of a leading-edge series which, like its predecessors, offers an invaluable contribution to women’s spirituality, religion, philosophy, and women’s studies. The contemporary voices contained within its pages echo an ancient clarion call to embrace the values of justice with compassion, equality for all people, and transformation.

“We have a calling in this world—namely, to prevent the destruction from continuing.”
—Claudia von Werlhof

“I am in the presence of a divine Mother, and She is fulfilling a deep longing inside of me.”
—Nicole Margiasso-Tran

“She was, I am, my daughter is because we are all Her.”
—Etoyle McKee

Just as dark matter (mother) in space shapes galaxies and holds them together, we are shaped and held by the African Dark Mother who has given us Her life force, and resides in the very depths of our being, where the macrocosm is literally reflected in the microcosm.”
—Leslene della-Madre

About the Author

About the Co-editors

Mary Beth Moser holds an M.A. in Women’s Spirituality and is a Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy and Religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. When Mary Beth is not exploring the back roads of Italy, she lives among the natural beauty of the Northwest where she is nurtured by the rains, mountains, tall trees, and the night sky.

Mary Saracino is a novelist, poet, and memoir writer who lives in Lafayette, Colorado. Mary loves Earl Grey tea with half & half, nature walks, the roar of the ocean, travelling, and spending time with friends and family. She feels renewed by natural beauty—and is awed by Colorado’s vast cerulean-blue sky, abundant sunshine, and majestic mountains.

Our friendship took root on a study trip in Sardegna, Italy in 2004 with Dr. Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum. A few years ago when we participated in a workshop with Vicki Noble, Vicki prepared our astrological charts and pronounced that—having been born only five days apart—we were essentially “astrological twins.” It has been a journey of discovery to work on this project together, each in our own supportive environment. May your journey through its pages be rewarding.

With connection and gratitude to all of our contributors and readers, Mary Beth and Mary

She Is Everywhere! Volume 3 List of Contributors in alphabetical order

  • Laura Amazzone, “The Fijian Kava Ceremony: An Ancient Menstrual Ritual?”
  • Michele Arista, “A Midrash of Rosary Prayers”
  • Gael Belden, “Soror Mystica: New Myth for a Changing Earth”
  • Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum “Story, gifts, standpoint, and methodologies of feminist cultural history”
  • Nancy Caronia, “Underworld”
  • Giana Cicchelli, “Journey to the Center”; “In the Name of Jesus” & “Resounding Response”
  • Joanna Clapps-Herman, “Psychic Arrangements”; “Potions, Lotions and Solutions”
  • Lori Coon, “The Dark Goddess”
  • Randy P. Conner, “Of Diana, Witches, and Fairies”
  • Nancy Cosgriff, “Hecate” & “Browned Beauty”
  • Elizabeth Cunningham, “Hymn to Ma of Ephesus” & “Ave Matres”
  • Max Dashu “The Meanings of ‘Goddess/es’”
  • Leslene della-Madre, “The Luminous Dark Mother”
  • Chickie Farella, “I Love You Mom: Do Me a Favor…Don’t Tell Nobody”
  • Catlyn Fendler, “The Black Madonna and the Labyrinth”
  • Jean Feraca, “Crossing the Great Divide,” “Mater Dolorosa” & “Nursing My Child Through His First Illness”
  • Annie Finch, “Goddess,” “Moon From the Porch” and “Eve”
  • Mischa Geracoulis, “Secret Hair”
  • Tricia Grame, “Beyond The Symbol, VIII” & “Isis”
  • Donna Henes, “Terra Mater” & “Holy Yoni”
  • Sheila Marie Hennessy: “Lilith;” “Contemplate Creation”
  • Theresa Gale Henson, “Finding Ixchel,” & “Enough”
  • Helen Hwang, “Making the Gyonocentric Case: Mago, the Great Goddess of East Asia, and Her Tradition Magoism”
  • Nané Ariadne Jordan, “A Poetics of the Placenta: Placental cosmology as gift and sacred economy”
  • Lê Pham Lê, “The Fairy and the Dragon,” “Hát River & “Journey to Langbian Mountain”
  • Glenys Livingstone “Spelling and Re-Creating Her”
  • Yvonne M. Lucia: “Black Madonna Cradles the Earth”
  • Lindy Lyman: “Mother and Daughter/The Forest”
  • Anne Key, “The Stuff of Life: Clay Figurines and Priestesses in Mesoamerica”
  • MamaCoAtl, “It is My Heart Who Reminds Me”
  • Nicole Margiasso-Tran, “Healing Wells and Sacred Fire”
  • Kathy Martone “Rebirth” & “Gathering Forces”
  • Judy Maselli, “Connected”
  • Harita Meenee, “Orphic Mysteries and Goddess(es) of Nature: Greek Hymns Honoring the Divine Feminine.”
  • Etoyla McKee, “Garden Okra”
  • Mary Beth Moser, “The Motherline: Laundry, Lunedi, and Women’s Lineage”
  • Andrea Nicki “Vagina Dentata”
  • Malgorzata Oleszkiewicz-Peralba, “Saint Sara-La-Kali: The Romani Black Madonna”
  • Luciana Percovich, “Momolina Marconi: An Italian Passionate Scholar of the Goddess”
  • Shelley R. Reed, “The Red Mother of the Salish Mountains”
  • Sandy Miranda Robinett, “Sardegnan Nuraghe”
  • Lydia Ruyle: Three Goddess Icon Spirit Banners: Crow Mother, Isis, Palden Lhamo
  • Bridget Saracino, “Unfamiliar,” “Anubis” & “Strawberry Lullaby”
  • Mary Saracino, “The Tarantata,” “Holy Mary” & “Sicily”
  • Lisa Sarasohn, “Lisa & Zeb-un-Nissa”
  • Kristin Shilling, “Puberty”, “The China Line” & “Tendrils”
  • Elisabeth Sikie, “Descent”, “Tantra With Beloved Hades”& “Song to Demeter”
  • David Hatfield Sparks, “The Birth of Xochiquetzal at 948 Noe St.”
  • Solace Wales, “Messages From the Black Madonna”
  • Claudia von Werlhof, “The Interconnectedness of All Being: A New Spirituality for a New Civilization”