Kismet and Tell

Adventures in Sorcery

by Jeanne Owens



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/7/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 350
ISBN : 9780595240050
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 350
ISBN : 9781469781204

About the Book

Marissa “Riss” Cobalt is a young sorceress-for-hire known throughout the world not only for her blue hair and temper but also for helping people with their problems if the money is right. So naturally, when the nephew of one of the ruling lords of the city of Westover disappears while searching for a legendary treasure, Riss is called on. Since she's on retainer to the lords, she has no choice but to accept, despite feeling there's more going on than she's being told. When a group of bandits hired to kill Riss attacks her, the swordsman Fiore Ferio steps in and saves her life. Then he insists on accompanying her, and Riss – who has avoided making friends because of her dangerous lifestyle – reluctantly agrees to let him come along. Things quickly become complicated when a Demon – a minion of the dark god, Yangul – attacks, and in the process reveals that Riss is part of an ancient prophecy. After managing to escape, and knowing the Demon could attack again at any time, a scared but determined Riss and Fiore race to learn more about the prophecy. A mysterious benefactor sends the duo to Riss's former teacher, who reveals that Riss is destined to battle and defeat Yangul with the staff of the legendary sorcerer, Ozanda Sunfire - Riss's ancestor. Stunned by the knowledge, the young sorceress grudingly accepts her fate to save the world and sets off to search for the staff. Along the way, she and Fiore rescue an elf maid, Arianna, who leads them back to her kingdom, where the Demon catches up. It challenges Riss to go to Yangul's temple in Camra and face the god of evil, and also takes Fiore's soul to hold hostage, forcing her to either accept the challenge or risk Fiore being tortured forever – or worse. Riss is so shaken by the possiblity, she begins to wonder if Fiore had become more than a friend. Determined to rescue Fiore and fulfill her destiny, Riss seeks out Ozanda's staff. With it and the help of a couple of friends, Riss thinks she can save both the world and her best friend. She knows it won't be easy, though, and if she succeeds, her life – and her heart - won't be the same. A fun, light-hearted fantasy adventure with a dash of anime styling.

About the Author

Jeanne is an avid reader and a fan of science fiction, fantasy, and anime. She has always loved to write stories, and is working on writing more books, as well as more Adventures in Sorcery. She has also earned a B.A. in History from Virginia Wesleyan College. She currently lives in Virginia. Follow her on her Facebook author page, on Google+, on Goodreads, on Pinterest, on Tumblr, and on her website at