by Natalie Kawai



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/5/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 50
ISBN : 9780595474127

About the Book

Back to Eden is a manual for truth seekers determined to end the ego induced sense of separation with Source and achieve Oneness with the Universe. It is a hands-on Self-Realization guide. The path proposed is about ending all denials by the systematical embrace of all emotional signals; the pointers to the lost essence occurring upon incarnation. That is called Self recovery or Wholeness which is ultimate healing. That realized state of being can be achieved with the practice of Light Speed Spiritual Technology™ described in this book. These tools will transmute all patterns and programs that have replaced our full consciousness. Once out of this ego space, we are back to Eden!

Natalie Kawai is a Spiritual guide. Born with the gift of clairaudience, she has been in constant search of ultimate truth. After different Samadhis expanding her consciousness, she was able to understand the dynamics of the soul and find practical ways to retrieve and realize Self. She has helped numerous people all over the US and abroad to come out of the illusion to Consciousness. Her purpose is to actively contribute to the fascinating shift we experience today and facilitate the birth of the new era.

About the Author

On the shore of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, Natalie Kawai was born with a special awareness, the gift of clairaudience that made her life both wonderful and difficult. Difficult because she had to navigate between two realities, the visible and the invisible and didn?t know at first how to combine the two; and wonderful because she had a special relationship with Source and could ask questions.

Natalie rapidly felt the urge to get out of the norms and find new ways to do life! At the tender age of 18 years old, she launched herself into the world and started her journey as an artist, the only field that truly resonated. Looking for a sense of direction first through the Alma Matter, the University of Geneva where she attended Literature, Art, Languages and Law School, she only found an absence of true substance and decided to break free from the mold and follow her passion.

She studied piano at the Geneva Academy of Music, created home and business decors for an elite and international clientele, taught dance improvisation, wrote 12 novels and two film scenario, one being a short dance film shot in Los Angeles, where she performed the lead. Recreating herself each step of the way, she expressed her inner knowing, her life path as it wanted to unfold.

The driving force for Natalie has always been the quest for connection with the Supreme Being and knowing herself at any cost. She started meditating on her own in her early twenties, and later on found an authentic Spiritual Master who initiated her and guided her evolution for 7 years. Natalie then moved to Hawaii. Constantly turning to the Creators with a ton of ?why this and why that?, and ?how can I get past this and heal that?, her willfulness and curiosity to go forward led her to self discovery through direct channeling. She never stopped looking into herself to extract all the programs of separation and find new modalities of liberation. Her journey was always to go deeper into the understanding of the mysteries of life. It is through the course of all these years of intense quest and healing that she became a spiritual healer and coach, and acquired her profound understanding of the bigger cosmic picture.

Merging with the Supreme Being through several Samadhis, Natalie experienced the light in a direct way: the enlightenment of her entire system through cellular implosion-explosion. Her alignment with the Ultimate Essence has been speeded up ever since in a faster and irresistible trend.

Back to Eden is her last book. A hands-on Self Realization manual that summarizes all her research and personal experiences, with practical exercises to achieve Oneness.

While on this intense spiritual quest, Natalie also reconnected with the world of music and started to compose her own. She is now ready to record her first album.