by John Cook



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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/30/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 196
ISBN : 9780595448302

About the Book

Growing up in the Winbrook Projects in the suburban town of White Plains, NY gave John an advantage. He had "the best of both worlds." Soon after his parents had groomed him and he had even taken a few "wrong turns" as a teenager, John had continued his education to Princeton University and later procured his Master of Science degree in Education from Iona College, he taught successfully at White Plains High School for nearly ten years. Always wanting to be successful, while continually nurturing his peace-loving side that John's mother instilled in him, John sought to move on to Colombia and finally landed in South Florida to accompany his mother, Marietta, during her last years. Then, all hell broke lose, as John's next relationship becomes a nightmare, ending him up and jail. Follow the chronicle of his life, then spiritual death and rebirth in "the belly of the beast" a correctional facility! Find out how and why his dream to become a noted author and motivational speaker was born behind bars.

About the Author

Education for me has taken on another dimension?the spiritual self-education. Knowing that things can occur to each of us that we don?t necessarily deserve creates a level of understanding of oneself that incorporates both humility and faith. Having spent a ?short stay? in the Broward County jail system in Florida has given me tremendous insight into myself, the experience itself, and the dynamics of the system that generates the existence of ?inmates.? As an African American male living in South Florida, I came face to face with the practice of racial profiling. I?ve decided to spend much of my time as a motivational speaker for Educational Excellence.