Naughty Astronautess

Glamour Galore

by Iory Allison



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/19/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 278
ISBN : 9780595478040

About the Book

The entrance of Lilly Linda Le Strange into the front hall of the Essential Center Shopping Mall was no mere pedestrian stroll. First off, she was preceded by the acrobatic antics of the Ninja Fringers who, having seen far too many Kung Fu movies, fairly flew into the foray. This troop of a dozen radical gay activists, lead by Southie's own Paddy O'Punk, did more than act up. They bounced beyond all boundaries in their efforts to assault and reform the politically incorrect In swept Lilly, striding atop her platform pumps modeled after the pylons of the Mystic River Bridge She swaggered to the center of the foyer, paused to survey the surroundings and commented,

"Nice work boys, now stick close to Mama 'cause the sparks are gonna fly."

Naughty Astronautess is a demented farce starring La Diva extraordinaire, Lilly Linda Le Strange as the first drag queen astronautess. This saga follows fast on the heels of The Family Jewels, a gay comedic mystery set in Boston. The series will be concluded with The Mermaid and the Sailor, a romantic romp set in Provincetown. These startling chronicles make up the trilogy, Glamour Galore.

About the Author

Iory Allison is a writer, photographer, interior designer and art collector. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts with his husband Leo Romero. Iory is the nickname for Iorwerth, who was an eleventh-century Welsh prince and also the name of Iory’s great uncle. It is pronounced Yori or Yorwerth.

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