In Search of God

God, Religious Scriptures & Proof of Divine Revelation

by Dr. Mohamed Gad



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/9/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 188
ISBN : 9780595336449

About the Book

The author shares his personal journey while investigating religious scriptures for evidence to support the presence of Divine Revelation. The first section of the book begins with discussions supporting the existence of God and refuting Darwin; yet also arguing for the co-existence of evolution and creation. Subsequently, in the second section of the book, the author examines the Koranic claim that the advent of the prophet Muhammad is foretold in the Torah and the Gospel (Koran 7:157). The author traces this claim, beginning with Ishmael, the father of the Arabs, whose Hebrew name means “God Hears”. The Bible foretells that Ishmael’s descendents would have a “Great Nation” (Genesis 17:20, KJV). In fulfillment of this promise Ishmael’s sons Kedar and Tema (Genesis 25:13-15) are part of Isaiah’s prophetic vision, (Isaiah 21:11-17 and 42:1-11) as mentioned in the Old Testament’s Book of Isaiah. In the third section of this book the difficult yet challenging controversy surrounding the identity of Jesus, a major point of contention between Judaism, Christianity and Islam, is examined. The fourth part of this book deals mainly with Koranic scientific facts that only became common knowledge with recent discoveries. Finally, this book closes by examining the spiritual essence and commonalities of the world’s three major religions.

About the Author

The author, born in England and raised in Canada, is a medical doctor who for over twenty-five years has been on a personal journey painstakingly analyzing and investigating religious scriptures for irrefutable evidence in support of the existence of Divine Revelation. This book is a compilation of different concepts derived from multiple sources. The author synthesizes these ideas in a lucid manner so that the readers may arrive at their own conclusions. The information in this publication is condensed yet sufficiently detailed; offering a wealth of information and a knowledge base that will serve as a resource for future reference. This book is an intellectual journey that promises to be a challenging endeavor for serious readers of all faiths and backgrounds. The author wishes to thank God for giving him the strength to work laboriously in compiling this material and utmost of all for enlightening him and instilling in him the desire to share the information that he has uncovered. Finally, as all humans have limitations in knowledge, the author wish to acknowledge any shortcomings by quoting old Islamic sages with the words that “only God knows”.