Dialing for Dollars

A Complete Inside Guide into the Underworld of Telemarketing for the Consumer and the Entrepreneur!

by Mike Shew



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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/23/2001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 419
ISBN : 9780595204168

About the Book

¡°Mike Shew¡¯s Dialing for Dollars¡±

Part I


Persons Who Want to Start Their Own Business and Fire their Boss! Today!

At Last, you can start your own telemarketing business by receiving personal how-to business training. By reading my book, ¡°Mike Shew¡¯s Dialing for Dollars!¡± When done, you are ready to start the exciting entrepreneurial process and open your new telemarketing business. That very same day! Now, you don¡¯t have to work for some else the rest of your life!

Including, detailed examples of ¡°How-to-file¡±, the Articles of Incorporation, Fictitious Name Registration, Employer Identification Number, in association with the proper State Sales Tax Identification Number. Complete instructions and sample paperwork listed in the appendix section.

I remember, in college when all my friends laughed; Because, I chose phone sales for part-time work. However, they all cried, when I cashed my $3,000.00 dollar paychecks at the local Bank.

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Part II

It also illustrates the seedy underworld of telemarketing ¡°never before¡± SECRET/HIDDEN information DISCLOSED on Charity Fundraising. The actual percentages given to charities and presentation verbiage used to secure sales over the phone.

¡°Mike Shew¡¯s Dialing for Dollars¡±!

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About the Author

At 22, I opened my first telemarketing firm. The business entailed professional solicitations for a state law enforcement charity. The stock market crash of 1987 was an encouragement to sell my business to a larger company and return to college as a pre law major, so I did.

Then, at 26 my second telemarketing firm. The business entailed professional solicitation for two state law enforcement charties. Christi Payroll Systems, a continuous researcher in the entrepreneur spirit of opening new businesses, also opened a small advertising agency that involved coupon books and company slogans. I, again, sold to a larger company.