Stress Management Strategies For Love Relationships

by John Parrino, Ph. D.



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/25/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9780595345908

About the Book

This entertaining fable about animals in the jungles of Africa illustrates an innovative idea: a lack of communication is not the only challenge facing couples. Author Dr. John J. Parrino applies what scientists know about mind-body interactions to help partners achieve health and happiness in their marriage. Love's "silent killer" is the body's instinct to trigger stress and defensiveness during marital conflict. According to Parrino, in the jungle of love, Tigers and Giraffes have opposing traits, but they are irresistibly attracted to each other.

The honeymoon is over by the time these animals appear on the marital scene. The Tiger claws at the Giraffe for love, sending the tall jungle creature scrambling for cover. The Elephant, the wise giant, represents the natural healer in all of us. He is a catalyst for the Tiger to use the "Love Reflex," the body's natural antidote to the fight-flight response.

In this inspiring story, you will travel on a personal safari through the Jungle of Love. Discover the Tiger, Giraffe, and Elephant in your marriage and take charge of achieving greater love and intimacy with your partner.

About the Author

Dr. John J. Parrino is a practicing clinical psychologist. He specializes in stress management and creatively applies these techniques to his work with married couples. He has been happily married for twenty-three years and lives with his wife in Atlanta, Georgia.