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Giving My Business a Voice

You have big ideas. And whether you’re just starting your business, or you’ve been in operation for decades, finding new ways to innovate and grow your brand can be challenging. But there’s one way to reach more people that suits savvy professionals perfectly: publishing a book to give your business a voice.

At iUniverse, we can help you communicate your message, knowledge and teachings in a new way. Give your audience what they want – your expertise – in a format they can take home, study and share with others.

iUniverse author Terry Hawkins Terry Hawkins

Educating businesses and individuals has been Terry Hawkins' passion for nearly 25 years. She has inspired more than 300,000 professionals through her professional training company called People in Progress Global. As one of the most sought-after, award winning female speakers in Australia, she was determined to give people the “how” in order to help them achieve their goals. Read more >>

iUniverse author Bill Treasurer Bill Treasurer

For 20 years, Bill Treasurer has conducted workshops designed to strengthen people’s leadership skills, improve team performance and accelerate innovation. He wanted to create a simple way for executives to get back to the simple idea that leadership meant creating opportunity for the people they lead. Read more >>

iUniverse author Justin VovkJustin Vovk

Justin C. Vovk, an author and independent historian of Slovenian and English background, began documenting and cataloging all the royal houses of Europe since the beginning of the Late Modern Period. It was this research into the complexities of royal marriages that inspired him to write a royalty encyclopedia. Read more>>