Author Lisa Genova talks about self-publishing with iUniverse.

Lisa Genova Talks Self-Publishing

Lisa Genova's life work of researching dementia and other neurological disorders led her to publish Still Alice, a novel about a young researcher's struggle with early-onset Alzheimer's.

See Genova's thoughts on her publishing journey that began with iUniverse.

On Choosing to Self-Publish

“Before I published with iUniverse, I tried going the traditional route. I spent a year querying literary agents. But no one wanted my book. I was sitting in a holding pattern with a completed book and no one reading it, waiting to find out if Still Alice was ‘good enough,’ waiting to find out if I was a ‘real writer.’ To the last agent that year who said, ‘No thanks,’ I said, ‘Okay, then. I’ve had enough of this. I’m self-publishing.’ I’m so grateful I had the confidence to ignore his response: ‘Don’t self-publish. You’ll kill your writing career before it begins. He couldn’t have been more wrong. Instead of fearfully sticking my novel in a drawer, I moved forward and self-published Still Alice with iUniverse. And the journey that followed and continues has been the ride of my life!”


On How iUniverse Helped Her Realize Her Publishing Goals

iUniverse produced a high-quality, professional-looking book I was proud to promote. (Upon learning that it was self-published, one reader said, ‘But it looks so real!’). The team at iUniverse did all the behind-the-scenes work — obtaining the ISBN, listing the book at, and tracking orders from Ingram — freeing me up to concentrate on guerilla marketing.”

On Whether or Not Being Self-Published Encumbered Still Alice

“In the following year, Still Alice was featured on television and radio. It was reviewed in newspapers, blogs and at It was chosen for book clubs, as a staff pick at bookstores and as a finalist in general fiction in the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards®. And it won the 2008 Bronte Prize for best love story in North America.”

On Getting Acquired by Simon & Schuster

“In less than a year after publishing Still Alice, word of mouth and a generous introduction led me to a literary agent, who loved my book, and within a week of signing our contract, Still Alice was sold at auction to Simon & Schuster for six figures. And now I’m writing my next novel!”

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