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Achieving Success as an Author

Many authors have to overcome obstacles before achieving success as an author. Whether it be a paper covered in red ink, "no thank you" letters from publishers, or anything else, success as a writer takes perseverance. 

No two authors have experienced the same obstacles, but in the end iUniverse can help you achieve success as an author.

iUniverse author Julie Hockley Julie Hockley

After years of receiving her papers back with endless red markings from english literature professors at the University of Ottawa, and between attending law school and raising a family, Julie Hockley was ready to give up creative writing. But, Hockley didn't give up, and with a little help from iUniverse, she was able to rise above these challenges to self-publish a top-selling book. Read more >>  


iUniverse author Clifford Thompson Clifford Thompson

Clifford Thompson is an accomplished writer, published essayist and editor with a creative writing degree from Oberlin College. Despite his merit within the writing industry, Thompson exhausted all the traditional publishing avenues when seeking a publisher for his novel, Signifying Nothing. Thompson knew he had a good manuscript and pursued self-publishing with iUniverse. Read more >>


iUniverse author J. Boyce Gleason J. Boyce Gleason

With a 25-year award-winning career in crisis management and public affairs on Capitol Hill under his belt, J. Boyce Gleason decided to turn his attention back to his passions for history and writing. Gleason published his historical novel, Anvil of God, with iUniverse and has received rave reviews from both critics and readers for the first installment of the Carolingian Chronicles. Read more >>


iUniverse author J.L. WitterickJ. L. Witterick

At first J.L. Witterick didn’t seriously consider writing, so she put her creative aspirations aside. But, she eventually pursued her dream of writing a novel. Soon after iUniverse published her book in March 2012, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, one of the world’s leading trade imprints, expressed interest in the gripping story. Read more>>

iUniverse author Lisa GenovaLisa Genova

After a year of rejection letters from literary agents and being told that the audience for a book about Alzheimer’s disease would be too small, Lisa Genova decided to self-publish her book. She worked with iUniverse to self-publish Still Alice in 2007, and the book has since been acquired by Simon & Schuster and adapted into the Oscar-winning motion picture starring Julianne Moore. Read more>>

iUniverse author Philippa LeVinePhilippa LeVine

Tweeker Parade tells the story of the first DEA task force formed to combat the rise of methamphetamine use in San Diego County in the early 1980s. LeVine, then in her 20s, was a new recruit — and the only female agent in the unit. LeVine's memoir is a standout story in the world of true crime and is currently being shopped around for a film or television deal. Read more>>