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Achieving a Lifelong Dream

Dreams are part of what defines us as individuals. Sometimes they guide our choices throughout life, and other times they are kept as tiny treasures deep within our hearts. Dreams can stick with us from childhood to adulthood, or they can sprout up later in life.

No two authors are the same, but one thing all authors share is the dream of publishing. Whether you’ve got it on your “bucket list,” or it’s part of your life plan, if you aspire to publish a book iUniverse can help you achieve your goal.

iUniverse author Jane Bennett Munro Jane Bennett Munro

Jane Bennett Munro began writing her first book in 1992. Years later, a Google search for publishers led her to iUniverse. To date, Munro has released five books in her medical mystery series, which follows Idaho pathologist Toni Day through the fast-paced world of autopsies, murder, and cover-ups. Read more >>

iUniverse author Bill Noel Bill Noel

Bill Noel began writing his first novel at 59 years old and has published a total of eight books in his Folly Beach mystery series with iUniverse. "It's never too late to start writing," says Noel. Positive feedback from his readers motivated him to continue writing and publishing. Noel was drawn towards self-publishing with iUniverse for several reasons, including control, flexibility. and speed. Read more >>

iUniverse author Doug Gardham Doug Gardham

Doug Gardham’s love of books as a very young child later grew into a love of writing, starting with a Contiki vacation-inspired elementary writing project of which he was extremely proud. In high school, Doug discovered Stephen King’s The Stand and The Shining and credits King’s “Constant Reader” notes with influencing him to become a writer. Read more >>

iUniverse author Lisa Drucker Lisa Drucker

Lisa Drucker, a freelance writer and editor, had traditionally published a book in the past but turned to self-publishing looking for more editorial control. Having worked as an editor for years, Drucker knew the challenges that come with the publishing process. Much to her delight, the iUniverse team made it a fun and enjoyable process. Read more >>

iUniverse author Violetta Armour Violetta Armour

Author Violetta Armour has a lifelong love of books. From reading stories as a child to owning her own bookstore in Arizona, Violetta always had the dream of writing her own book. She published I’ll Always Be With You with iUniverse and accomplished her goal of becoming an author. Read more >>

iUniverse author Camille Calhoun Camille Calhoun

A nurse for more than 20 years and co-owner of a bed and breakfast with her husband, Camille Calhoun had a manuscript called Montezuma Red written. But rather than publishing it, she left the manuscript in a bag under her desk, unseen by anyone but her. Read more >>