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Author Success Stories

It’s a wonderful feeling to achieve a goal. At iUniverse, we know that no two goals, or authors, are exactly alike. We aim to help each author reach their own personal aspiration, whether it’s fighting for a cause, reaching commercial success, or sharing a personal story with the world.

We’re pleased to share some of the stories of iUniverse authors who’ve achieved success. For even more from our authors, please check out our Author Video Testimonials page.

Helping Other with My Words - More Stories

Helping Others with My Words

What if your book could help improve the lives of others? What if your words could save the life of a child? Susan Norris, author of Rescuing Hope, published her book to bring awareness to the terrible crime of sex trafficking right here in the United States. Read more >>

Giving My Business a Voice

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been in operation for decades, there’s no better way to give your business a voice than by publishing a book of your expertise. Hear from one iUniverse author, Justin Vovk, who put his skills on display by publishing reference books of his research as an independent historian. Read more >>

Justin Vovk's Story

Giving My Business a Voice

Lisa Drucker's Story

Achieving a Lifelong Dream - More Stories  

Achieving a Lifelong Dream

For some authors, writing is in their blood. If you dream of publishing a book, iUniverse can help you achieve your goal. Author Lisa Drucker shares a similar dream and passion for writing. Previously traditionally published, she turned to iUniverse to self-publish a book that is near and dear to her heart. Read more >>

Achieving Success as an Author

Making a name for yourself as an author and selling copies of your book to a wide audience is quite an accomplishment. Author J.L. Witterick shares her story about finding success as an iUniverse author and having her book translated into many languages around the world after it was picked up by G.P. Putnam's Sons. Read more >>

J.L. Witterick's Story

Achieving Success as an Author - More Stories

Emma Lou Warner Thayne's Story

Sharing My Story - More Stories

Sharing My Story

Some stories need to be told. Whether it’s a single life experience or a series of incidents and revelations that occur over a lifetime, if your story can impact others, you should tell it. Author Emma Lou Warner Thayne decided to publish her story about a near-death experience in order to help others. Read more >>