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Helping Others with My Words

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. And you can do something to help others by using your words. Touch lives and make a difference in the world by publishing your book.

iUniverse can help you share your message and reach readers worldwide. Make a difference in the lives of generations to come with your book.

iUniverse Author Susan Norris Susan Norris

Susan Norris is on a mission to eradicate sex trafficking in the United States. Using her voice for hope, she began her mission by educating others as an international speaker. She never imagined putting her words down in writing. Then, she started blogging and new opportunities arose to reach even more people. Read more >>


iUniverse Author Jennifer GabouJennifer Gabou

Jennifer Gabou is an accomplished former Division I student-athlete, professional tennis player and collegiate head coach. As a student athlete, she witnessed the dark side of college athletics -- diseases, eating disorders, pregnancies -- and decided to put the thoughts that have been inside of her for 10 years on paper. Read more >>