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Authors share their experiences self-publishing with iUniverse.

See what authors have to say about self-publishing with iUniverse. To learn more about whether iUniverse is right for you and your book, talk to a publishing consultant at 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677).

"Still Rising" by Janice L. Santos

Janice L. Santos | Still Rising

“My overall experience has been amazing! Everyone with whom I interacted at iUniverse was professional and courteous at all times! Without their support, guidance and explanations, this book would not have become a reality!You are doing a fantastic job. I can't think of what more you can do. I appreciated the warm personal touch that was a part of any communication I received.”

Foluke Joyce Omosule | Behind the Glass Door  

“My publishing consultant was exceptional with her approach. She listened very carefully and responded with respect and understanding. In fact, I had signed up my second book -- my whole experience was marvelous!"

"Behind the Glass Door" by Foluke Joyce Omosule

"Swimming in Cosmic Soup" by Russ Otter

Russ Otter| Swimming in Cosmic Soup

“The editor was detailed and comprehensive, and took the time to make suggestions about what might be removed or clarified. I didn't always agree, but that assistance was very insightful and helpful."

Owen Staples | Life is Conscious

“I published two books back-to-back within a few months with iUniverse. I was very satisfied with the experience: it was timely, professional, helpful and fun!”

"Life is Conscious" by Owen Staples

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Audrey Atherley | Cymbals of Tree Rings

“You are doing a fantastic job. I can't think of what more you can do. I appreciated the warm personal touch that was a part of any communication I received.”

Ventana | Rise, Rise, Dark Horses of American Noir

“The Rising Star Board worked hard to make the book cover as good as can be.”

Sharon O'Shea | Blue Butterflies

“I think iUniverse did a great job on my latest book. I'm happy; so happy, in fact, I might refer a friend.”

John McCarthy | Exposed 

“Everyone was polite, enthusiastic, informative, and very helpful. They were very patient with my ignorance in this whole experience. I will definitely use iUniverse again.”

Ray Melnik | Eyes in this World 

“They listened to what I wanted for my book and worked with me to get it right.”

Simone Epperson | The Cult Experience That Changed My Life 

“I really liked the services that I received through iUniverse. I am in the process of writing another book and since I have gone through the process, I know exactly what to do next.”

Sigamoney Manicka Naicker | Long-Distance Running: Calming the Mind and Creating the Conditions for Happiness 

“I have never met such a group of professionals before. They were all truly wonderful people who were sincere and committed to helping and supporting me. It is for this reason that I mentioned the iUniverse staff in the acknowledgement section of the book.”

Tantra Maat | The Language of Creation 

“We were all blown out of our minds at how efficient, professional, thorough, clear and generous you were. I felt like I mattered.”

Alexandria Johnson | A Dream Realized 

“I've enjoyed the entire publishing process through iUniverse. I'm anxiously awaiting the start of my second book.”

Christopher O'Hanlon | Changing Gears 

“The entire process was a positive learning experience.”

Saylor D Smith | A Little Catch 

“This is the fifth book I've published with iUniverse. The process is simple and clear and well organized for the submitting writer.”

Gary York | Inside The Inner Circle 

“Everyone has been courteous, helpful, friendly and professional, which is a 100 percent improvement from my last publisher.”

William Hale | The Village and Beyond 

“It has been and still is a delight to work with folks who understand that I was a novice at publishing and assisted me even when I must have appeared dumb as dirt -- the whole gang is very good at what they do!"

D. W. Duke | The Duke Legacy 

“I felt that the editors were outstanding. I would like to work with them again on future projects.”

Kyko-Tzu, Ph.D. | The Furrows on My Forehead 

“I am pleasantly surprised that the editor went deep, like a giant root, in analyzing the imagery of my work.”

Dale L. Pitts | Itsy Bitsy Spider 

“The most impressive aspect of the entire process was the attitude and helpfulness of your employees. Not one time during the entire printing process did I have any problem with anyone. They were all cheerful, helpful and I'm not sure I would have made it through the process had it not been for the great people. Kudos!”

Rachel K. Frederick | Crucified with Christ 

“There was nothing that could not be dealt with by your representatives. My first experience in publishing has been one of ease due to those knowledgeable individuals. Thank you."

Patrick J. Fornari | Commoner Sense 

“iUniverse made my book the best product that it can be. It is not something I would have been able to accomplish without them.”

Wallace Collins | In A Quiet Voice 

“My publishing experience with iUniverse, both in the past and in the present, has been exemplary. They have given my book a head start for the book's success. I have every reason to compliment iUniverse and its publishing staff.”