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Authors share their experiences self-publishing with iUniverse.

See what authors have to say about self-publishing with iUniverse. To learn more about whether iUniverse is right for you and your book, talk to a publishing consultant at 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677).

Eternal Stones and Other Memories of Greece

Paula Renee Burzawa | Seasons of Sun, Tasso’s Journey, and Eternal Stones and Other Memories of Greece

iUniverse remains a leader in customer service excellence, setting the bar for what customers should expect. As most writers know, turning over a manuscript to a publisher is a bit daunting, as we have taken such care for so long of our words, our plot, our art. To trust that manuscript to a company three times over speaks volumes for the trust and satisfaction I find in iUniverse. They care. They help, and if something doesn't go as planned, they are on it immediately to rectify whatever issues or questions emerge during the process of publication. I have zero complaints and have referred several authors to iUniverse. The graphic design team is amazing and blows me away each time with their lovely cover art and interior design. The copyediting team is superb! The day the “printer copy” arrives, and you hold that book in your hands as a finished product for the first time, is the most satisfying day of your writing life -- when you say out loud, "I am SO glad I chose iUniverse!"

Kristen Lee | RESET: Make the Most of Your Stress

“Like any writer, it’s easy to get stuck along the way. The staff at IUniverse have been consummate professionals from day one. From the early-phase check-in calls that helped me stay motivated and on-task, to the final moments of production, I have benefitted tremendously from the wealth of knowledge and resources offered. The kindness, expertise and consistency of each person I have worked with have been welcome gifts and allowed me to stay in my lane and remain focused on my goals as an author.”

Make the Most of Your Stress

Love Them Back to LIFE

Ariane Page | Love Them Back to LIFE

“What I preferred with iUniverse is their dedicated editing team and of course the fact that their packages are well-suited for inexperienced authors such as I was.”

Azadeh Tabazadeh | The Sky Detective

“I have had a very good experience with iUniverse. I got introduced to iUniverse in 2012 while attending the San Francisco Writers Conference. In that year, iUniverse was sponsoring a book contest at the conference. I entered this book contest and won the Grand Prize, which entitled me to receive a free publication package through iUniverse. This package included free editorial, marketing and publicity services that were all helpful in producing a professional copy of my book for marketing and sale. The two things that I would highly recommend are professional editing services of your book and producing an author video and/or trailer prior to publication.”

The Sky Detective

For the Record

Bill Noel | Final Cut: A Folly Beach Mystery

“The editing services provided by iUniverse are outstanding. Their services, beginning with a candid editorial evaluation, through the various levels of edits, to a final proofreading provided me with every opportunity to make my books better, more readable, and more marketable. And, they allowed me to be the best writer I could be.”

Don Tolle | For the Record

“The experience of publishing For the Record with iUniverse was both a reward for having written my book, as well as a revelation to me. I love working with talented, passionate, professional people, and that is what I experienced throughout with the staff at iUniverse. They were conscientious, committed, and clearly dedicated to helping me fulfill a dream that I’ve carried around inside of me for many years. As a writer, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

For the Record

Sheppard of the Argonne

G. William Weatherly | Sheppard of the Argonne

“I think the best part was working with the iUniverse editor, the formatter and the cover illustrators to get the feel of the book right.”

J. Boyce Gleason | Anvil of God

“As to iUniverse, I loved their editorial service. They couldn’t have been better. They loved the book and were thoughtful, thorough and relentless in getting it ready for prime time. They helped me make Anvil a better book.”

Anvil of God

Wheelchair Wisdom

J. Nichols Mowery | The Parallel Lives of Elizabeth Ann

“As a two dimensional artist, I was thrilled to work with the Designers for both the inside print and the book’s front and back covers. After suggesting the color, feeling and the impact I wanted, the three looks for the book design which came back fit the story and each had a definite feel for what to expect to find inside the book. The chosen is a remarkable design and will be used for each of the three covers with only the color and lettering changing.

Having never worked with a publicist, I was surprised what the service included. The publicity person was assigned for six weeks during which she reached thousands of various media. I received a report weekly with listings of who and where and what was sent and what was received back. I heard from people all around the world, was asked to write articles and gave radio interviews.

Random House/iUniverse’s PitchFest in Los Angeles in May let me interact with authors from around the world during the three day event. During that time I gave my two minute Pitch twenty times to twenty film production reps, from all sorts of Film and TV companies.”

Linda Noble Topf | Wheelchair Wisdom

“Throughout the whole process, I felt very taken care of by each new individual who ‘held my hand’ during that period. For this I will always be grateful. For every step of the way, I had an invested partner.”

Wheelchair Wisdom

Bridal Veil

Monica Wright | Bridal Veil

“My favorite part of the publishing experience with iUniverse was working with the editor. I really enjoyed the feedback and the advice really helped me publish the best version of Bridal Veil.”

Georg and Phyllis Rauch | Unlikely Warrior

“I loved the entire publishing experience. I worked with a fine editor at iUniverse.”

Unlikely Warrior

Hazing Aging

Regis McCafferty | The Nude on the Cigarette Case

“iUniverse staff are talented and a pleasure to work with.”

Dr. Robert Buckingham | Hazing Aging

“The professional polish of the book followed by the marketing follow-through was seamless. Even more important, I remained in control of content and had final say in what stayed and went. All of this, although daunting to a first time writer, in retrospect was exactly what I needed. The final product, Hazing Aging, exceeded my expectation and met all the goals.”

Hazing Aging

I’ll Always Be With You

Violetta Armour | I’ll Always Be With You

“My self-publishing experience with iUniverse has been wonderful. They provided guidance and support yet I was allowed to control the entire process from word count to cover selection. Seeing my work in print, holding the book in my hands, was a thrill beyond my expectations. There was a sense of satisfaction in a work completed through dedication and perseverance.”

Lucas Dyer | A Battle Won by Handshakes

“The whole process of working with iUniverse was amazing. iUniverse stood out from the beginning and really made me feel important. I wasn’t just another guy with a book so-to-speak. iUniverse had me feeling like I was already a bestselling author with the greatest story.”

A Battle Won by Handshakes

A Banner of Love

Josephine Garner | A Banner of Love

“And expanding on the notion of writing being a joint enterprise, I must say thank God for editors, content and copy! That critical feedback is essential. The iUniverse editors and editorial consultants were fabulous, attentive and sometimes hard—but very effective. They certainly have been my teachers too.”

Ismail Rifaat | The Crisis of Islamism

“I appreciate iUniverse’s help in publishing The Crisis of Islamism; in particular, their designers conceived a most interesting and telling front cover.”

The Crisis of Islamism

The Hivernante

Mary Willan Mason | The Hivernante

“The editor from iUniverse assigned to me was thoroughly professional and very helpful.”

Sandra Dreis | Ecowarriors: Book One - The Bluffs of Baraboo

“My Editing Package helped me forge ahead. I took every one of the 95 comments and suggestions very seriously at set to work. This period was so much fun. I sat in my quiet den and worked day and night, taking time to walk my doggies and exercise. I took a solid year from my first call to iUniverse where I purchased the Premier-Pro, to working through the entire editing process. iUniverse gave me an Editor’s Choice designation and a Rising Star for my marketing plan. I knew from my Acting experience the difficulty of breaking in and getting an Agent; so I figured much of my marketing work would have to be done MYSELF. I had many helpful suggestions from the Marketing Department and researched how to write a Press Release for newspapers and articles for magazines. I bought a variety of books on Social Media Marketing. This was a bit daunting for me and I am still absorbing!!

My favorite thing of all was talking to the Production Dept. and Cover Designer about how I envisioned the look of my front and back cover. The results were astonishingly good and it was hard to decide of one of the three designed prepared for me. In the end, my daughter helped me choose. She also helped me set up a webpage where I started a spotty/occasional blog, www.sandrabdreis.com.”

Ecowarriors: Book One - The Bluffs of Baraboo

Tweeker Parade

Philippa Levine | Tweeker Parade

“Without taking advantage of iUniverse’s publishing and editorial services, I never would have gotten my story told in the right way.”

Woody Goodell | Beyond the Boundary and Seven Children of the King

“The iUniverse staff has been absolutely great to work with. They are very professional, and are always willing to answer questions. As a new author this was very important to me, and iUniverse certainly delivered!”

Beyond the Boundary and Seven Children of the King

Love Leads the Way

Claudia Pemberton | Love Leads the Way

“My experience with iUniverse, so far, couldn’t have been better. Communication was stellar. My questions were answered promptly. My concerns were dealt with professionally and timely. The finished product is beyond my wildest dreams. I will most definitely consider publishing with iUniverse again, and will highly recommend iUniverse to others who are seeking quality publication.”

Nara Schuler | Secrets of My Vegan Kitchen

“My experience with iUniverse was overall very good. I especially liked the editorial services because with English not being my first language I had quite a few limitations and iUniverse staff was very supportive without being judgmental. Production has also been above my expectations.

Get your ideas on paper, no matter how long it takes, there is an enormous sense of accomplishment when you see your book. iUniverse is a good avenue to start a writing adventure.”

Secrets of My Vegan Kitchen

Bully Prevention Tips for Teens

Yvonne Brooks | Bully Prevention Tips for Teens

“My favorite part of the publishing experience overall, was the process. My favorite part with iUniverse was the service and support received during the process and from my publishing consultant, who was exceptional and went beyond my expectation.”

Christian Bray | Stuff Teens & Young Adults Need to Know

“My initial conversation/contact with one of the publishing consultants, and her wealth of knowledge and positive attitude and encouragement. I truly believe, that with my timidity, it was through Divine Intervention that God led me to talk with her.”

Stuff Teens & Young Adults Need to Know

Veterans’ Reflections: History Preserved

William R. Graser | Veterans’ Reflections: History Preserved

“My experience with iUniverse is nothing short of outstanding! The products and services available to promote Veterans' Reflections have established me as an author. The team who assisted me with publishing Veterans' Reflections: History Preserved made the process a great experience, and I plan to publish my second book with iUniverse.”

Anne E. Beall PhD | Heartfelt Connections

“When I started thinking about publishing this book with iUniverse (it’s my 4th one with you guys), I called and asked for some assistance in thinking about the book. I talked with one of your consultants, who told me that I had a good idea but that the organization of the book could make or break it. He was right. I thought carefully about that and came up with a way of thinking about the animals in it and creating an organization that made all the difference.”

Heartfelt Connections

Collaborative Leadership for Classroom and School

Don Broadwell | Collaborative Leadership for Classroom and School

“I much appreciate the regular contact, help, advice, etc. that comes from iUniverse. Everyone seems willing to see my project succeed, and I am never left on my own with this project.”

Louisa Oakley Green | Sightseeing in the Undiscovered Country

“My iUniverse editorial consultant was an absolute treasure. He brought decades of publishing-industry experience to the table and taught me the format of how books are written, which was priceless. Among the things I didn’t know: Your table of contents has to sell your book so make sure it’s enticing.”

Sightseeing in the Undiscovered Country

Try to Remember – Never Forget - Book Cover

Sandra Scheller | Try to Remember – Never Forget

“As a new author you can imagine how positively overwhelmed I am by the beautiful results received from the team at iUniverse. Its felt as though I had a full staff at my fingertips guiding me through the process from start to finish. I learned so much about the things that scared me the most such as editing, proofreading and designing. They listened to my exact needs in order to complete the book. My iUniverse team is helping me with a plan for promoting the book along with using the Author Learning Center, which is excellent as well. As I get all my “ducks in a row” my marketing team continues to guide me with new steps and techniques that are priceless. FEAR NOT!”

Scott D. Fenner | Dreux Club Blues

“I was fortunate enough to work with several folks who were very supportive. They seemed to be as excited as I was about the project. They were always there to help me and explain the details so a novice like myself could understand."

Dreux Club Blues - Book Cover

Flutter of an Eye - Book Cover

Tammy Spears | Flutter of an Eye

“My favorite part of the Publishing experience with iUniverse was the excitement and encouragement that was given to me from the very beginning that I had what it takes to be an Author and Poet, which was carried throughout the entire Publishing process. iUniverse was always willing to offer their expert advice when I needed direction on which route to take when in question.”

Delva M. Harvey Baker | Maryland, My Maryland

“I love the idea that iUniverse believed that someone other than me would think my stories are worth reading. They believed in me."

Maryland, My Maryland - Book Cover

Gift of Dreams - Book Cover

Kelly Rose Saccone | Gift of Dreams

“I really enjoyed the process of seeing the cover I chose, as well seeing how the chapters would look. The whole process was exciting and a great learning experience.”

M.D. Smith | In The Spirit: Poems of My Thoughts

“I thoroughly appreciated the personalized & professional service that iUniverse provided to ensure an enjoyable experience."

In The Spirit: Poems of My Thoughts - Book Cover

Brothers - Book Cover

Stan Cowie | Brothers

“My biggest moment, without a doubt, was when iUniverse sent me the first copy for approval and the wrapper came off and I held it in my hand, the finished product.”

Wayne E. Beyea | The Treasure of Valcour Island

“I appreciate the professionalism and friendliness of the employees of iUniverse. They have been easy to work with."

The Treasure of Valcour Island - Book Cover

The Paraponera - Book Cover

Perry D. Defiore | The Paraponera

“My best experience with iUniverse has to be the people I worked with. Most companies offer the same or similar deals, and traditional publishers want to change your book. The people at iUniverse have always been professional, understanding, respectful of my work, and helpful.”

Monet Hall | Finding Grace

“iUniverse really helped me to polish my story and fine-tune without losing my voice. They made my story digestible, accessible, and enticing."

Finding Grace - Book Cover

Ocean Depths: A Time - Book Cover

C.L. Sherman | Ocean Depths: A Time

“The clearly defined stages of publishing are what I liked best about the process with iUniverse.”

M.L. Shafer | The House on Crooked Pond: A Cape Cod Family Saga

“My favorite part of my publishing experience with iUniverse was working with the consultants. They were easy to contact, and willing and able to answer my questions in a timely and professional manner."

The House on Crooked Pond: A Cape Cod Family Saga - Book Cover

The Red Room - Book Cover

Tom Guzick | The Red Room

“iUniverse did an outstanding job with every step of the publishing process. I plan on using iUniverse with my next book.”

Dale Rominger | The Girl in the Silver Mask

“I guess what I appreciate about iUniverse is the policy of calling writers on the phone to discuss the various stages of the publishing process. I also value the challenge of seeking Editor’s Choice and Rising Star. White Marble and Silver Mask are better books because I went for, and reached, both those goals."

The Girl in the Silver Mask - Book Cover

Forgotten Pieces: A Life Skills Guide for Teens and Young Adults - Book Cover

Monique Donyale | Forgotten Pieces: A Life Skills Guide for Teens and Young Adults

“The consultants at iUniverse were knowledgeable, patient and caring about having my book ready for release in a timely fashion. iUniverse kept in close contact with me to finish the book even after I had fully paid for the services. That showed me that it wasn’t just about the money but iUniverse really wanted me to succeed and finish the book. Again I thank iUniverse for your dedication to my project.”

Ken Patterson | The Extraterrestrials! In an Adventure with the American Army

“My favorite part of the iUniverse publishing experience was overseeing The Extraterrestrials! design. To actually see something innately mine manifest itself into its physical birth, with a face, so to speak, and a body, was worth every penny."

The Extraterrestrials! In an Adventure with the American Army - Book Cover

The Judas Hoard (also, One of a Kind and Yesterday’s Enemy) - Book Cover

Barbara Erlichman | The Judas Hoard (also, One of a Kind and Yesterday’s Enemy)

“My favorite part of my iUniverse experience was being in charge. With “traditional” publishers, there’s always the chance of your contract being withdrawn if you don’t follow their suggestions. With the iUniverse team, I always felt that I had everyone’s support and doing what made me comfortable was the most important thing.”

Joseph Dorris | Salmon River Kid

“I’ve published all of my books through iUniverse. I appreciate being able to select the services I want, especially those services for which I don’t have time or the expertise. I especially like their initial manuscript evaluation. I’ve also had great editors. The over-all product quality makes it worth it. Of course, the greatest feeling is having the final published book in my hands."

Salmon River Kid - Book Cover

The Crowned Rose - Book Cover

Jay Hume | The Crowned Rose

“My favorite part of the process was seeing the final proofs and knowing it was going to be published. The best part of iUniverse is the staff that helped me make it all possible. Everyone I dealt with in the company was very friendly and always had a wealth of knowledge to share.”

Gail Logan | The Serpent’s Last Secret

“Of course I would recommend iUniverse to other authors wanting to publish a book. Quite honestly, iUniverse services are great."

The Serpent’s Last Secret - Book Cover

Something to Chew On - Book Cover

Ari Joshua Bouse | Something to Chew On

“I really appreciate iUniverse’s attention to detail, critical eye, and help in developing my writing.”

Farrah M. Walters | Poetic Parenting

“My favorite part of the self-publishing process was the feeling of control and autonomy I had over my work. I also greatly appreciated the support and the attention to detail from customer service members that took my project seriously."

Poetic Parenting - Book Cover

My Life as a Surgeon - Book Cover

John Syriaco | My Life as a Surgeon

“I was lucky to find iUniverse to take care of my book and publish it. The best part of iUniverse was the continuous follow up of the professional persons who kept calling me and advising me to do this or that. I liked it. I will stick to iUniverse for the coming books I will write.”

Margerete Cassalina | See You at Sunset

“The one-on-one attention throughout the editing process while maintaining autonomy over my manuscript. As much as I wanted a quality product, so did each person I was in contact with."

See You at Sunset - Book Cover

The Young Sailor - Book Cover

Al Cadondon | The Young Sailor

“I learned writing my book through iUniverse’s editorial evaluation. It was a challenge that kept me working hard to come up with good results as needed in publishing a book. I love iUniverse’s editorial and design services.
iUniverse made my dream of being a publish author realized… iUniverse made it happen.”

Diaka Silaty Conde | The Sexy Ladies’ Culinary Secret

“My favorite part of my publishing experience with iUniverse has been their good work on my book and the kindness and patience of the staff."

The Sexy Ladies’ Culinary Secret - Book Cover

Navy Crash Crew - Book Cover

Kenneth R. Trout | Navy Crash Crew

“My favorite part of this experience was to actually have my book published. Along the way I was assisted by iUniverse. With their help I improved my skills and feel this was almost as good as a college education. During this time I found that I had to accept the constructive criticism and use it as a building block to improve and grow.”

Robin Jones | Letter from Santa Claus

“If you are in a quandary about whether to publish or not, then I suggest you get in contact with iUniverse as a first step to your adventure."

Letter from Santa Claus - Book Cover

Creating Cassandra - Book Cover

Vincent di Blasi | Creating Cassandra

“This is easy. I thank iUniverse for the opportunity to do what I so want to do. There is great irony today in that while the traditional houses are making it more and more difficult for new authors to publish, those who truly want to write and publish can and will thanks to companies like iUniverse.”

Tyler Sizelove | The Leaching

“iUniverse made it very easy for me to understand the whole publishing and editorial process. As a first time official writer I was skeptical of the whole thing, but they gave me confidence that my story could work out. I was quite impressed with the editors who picked up my slack when it comes to grammar, and essentially sharpened up the flow of the words."

The Leaching - Book Cover

The Death Myth - Book Cover

Brian M. Rossiter | The Death Myth

“My favorite part about publishing with iUniverse was seeing the cover come to life. I knew what the contents of the book would be, but I did not know how the exterior would look. I was extremely impressed at how they were able to make a cover that perfectly matched what I had described to them. Additionally, the continued, systematic contact and attention they paid me was refreshing. They certainly exceeded my expectations.”

Frank Catanzano | Prey to the Lord

“iUniverse made it very easy for me to understand the whole publishing and editorial process. As a first time official writer I was skeptical of the whole thing, but they gave me confidence that my story could work out. I was quite impressed with the editors who picked up my slack when it comes to grammar, and essentially sharpened up the flow of the words."

Prey to the Lord - Book Cover

"Still Rising" by Janice L. Santos

Janice L. Santos | Still Rising

“My overall experience has been amazing! Everyone with whom I interacted at iUniverse was professional and courteous at all times! Without their support, guidance and explanations, this book would not have become a reality!You are doing a fantastic job. I can't think of what more you can do. I appreciated the warm personal touch that was a part of any communication I received.”

Foluke Joyce Omosule | Behind the Glass Door

“My publishing consultant was exceptional with her approach. She listened very carefully and responded with respect and understanding. In fact, I had signed up my second book -- my whole experience was marvelous!"

"Behind the Glass Door" by Foluke Joyce Omosule

"Swimming in Cosmic Soup" by Russ Otter

Russ Otter | Swimming in Cosmic Soup

“The editor was detailed and comprehensive, and took the time to make suggestions about what might be removed or clarified. I didn't always agree, but that assistance was very insightful and helpful."

Owen Staples | Life is Conscious

“I published two books back-to-back within a few months with iUniverse. I was very satisfied with the experience: it was timely, professional, helpful and fun!”

"Life is Conscious" by Owen Staples

Read more of what authors are saying about iUniverse.

Audrey Atherley | Cymbals of Tree Rings

“You are doing a fantastic job. I can't think of what more you can do. I appreciated the warm personal touch that was a part of any communication I received.”

Ventana | Rise, Rise, Dark Horses of American Noir

“The Rising Star Board worked hard to make the book cover as good as can be.”

Sharon O'Shea | Blue Butterflies

“I think iUniverse did a great job on my latest book. I'm happy; so happy, in fact, I might refer a friend.”

John McCarthy | Exposed

“Everyone was polite, enthusiastic, informative, and very helpful. They were very patient with my ignorance in this whole experience. I will definitely use iUniverse again.”

Ray Melnik | Eyes in this World

“They listened to what I wanted for my book and worked with me to get it right.”

Simone Epperson | The Cult Experience That Changed My Life

“I really liked the services that I received through iUniverse. I am in the process of writing another book and since I have gone through the process, I know exactly what to do next.”

Sigamoney Manicka Naicker | Long-Distance Running: Calming the Mind and Creating the Conditions for Happiness

“I have never met such a group of professionals before. They were all truly wonderful people who were sincere and committed to helping and supporting me. It is for this reason that I mentioned the iUniverse staff in the acknowledgement section of the book.”

Tantra Maat | The Language of Creation

“We were all blown out of our minds at how efficient, professional, thorough, clear and generous you were. I felt like I mattered.”

Alexandria Johnson | A Dream Realized

“I've enjoyed the entire publishing process through iUniverse. I'm anxiously awaiting the start of my second book.”

Christopher O'Hanlon | Changing Gears

“The entire process was a positive learning experience.”

Saylor D Smith | A Little Catch

“This is the fifth book I've published with iUniverse. The process is simple and clear and well organized for the submitting writer.”

Gary York | Inside The Inner Circle

“Everyone has been courteous, helpful, friendly and professional, which is a 100 percent improvement from my last publisher.”

William Hale | The Village and Beyond

“It has been and still is a delight to work with folks who understand that I was a novice at publishing and assisted me even when I must have appeared dumb as dirt -- the whole gang is very good at what they do!"

D. W. Duke | The Duke Legacy

“I felt that the editors were outstanding. I would like to work with them again on future projects.”

Kyko-Tzu, Ph.D. | The Furrows on My Forehead

“I am pleasantly surprised that the editor went deep, like a giant root, in analyzing the imagery of my work.”

Dale L. Pitts | Itsy Bitsy Spider

“The most impressive aspect of the entire process was the attitude and helpfulness of your employees. Not one time during the entire printing process did I have any problem with anyone. They were all cheerful, helpful and I'm not sure I would have made it through the process had it not been for the great people. Kudos!”

Rachel K. Frederick | Crucified with Christ

“There was nothing that could not be dealt with by your representatives. My first experience in publishing has been one of ease due to those knowledgeable individuals. Thank you."

Patrick J. Fornari | Commoner Sense

“iUniverse made my book the best product that it can be. It is not something I would have been able to accomplish without them.”

Wallace Collins | In A Quiet Voice

“My publishing experience with iUniverse, both in the past and in the present, has been exemplary. They have given my book a head start for the book's success. I have every reason to compliment iUniverse and its publishing staff.”