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iUniverse Recognition Programs

One of the only self-publishing programs of its kind, iUniverse’s Recognition Program was established to identify, celebrate and support titles that show a high level of editorial quality and marketability. Many recognized authors have found greater retail success or even traditional publishing offers. With eligibility for the recognition program included in select iUniverse publishing packages, this unique program is one exclusive way iUniverse distinguishes itself as a leader in the self-publishing industry.

Amp up your opportunity for retail success

The entryway to success for many iUniverse bestsellers is through our recognition programs as they open the door to more opportunities for retail presentation and placement. We have three key recognition programs you can qualify for: Editor’s Choice, Rising Star and The STAR Program.


Learn how iUniverse determines the books that earn the distinguished Editor’s Choice, Rising Star and STAR awards and what perks these honors include.

Depending on the program you qualify for, benefits of the designations include:

  • STAR Program titles have a personal agent approach traditional publishing houses, international publishers, book clubs and audio book publishers for their consideration
  • A copy of your Rising Star or STAR title is sent to Barnes & Noble for considered placement within bookstores
  • Exclusive placement in select sections on the online iUniverse bookstore
  • Respective logo placed on your book’s back cover and next to your title in the online iUniverse bookstore
  • Professional Art Direction for your book cover in order to make sure your cover is market-ready
  • Exclusive access to publicity services and writing contest opportunities
  • Promotion through iUniverse social media

What is the Editor's Choice Program?

A prerequisite to the Rising Star and STAR programs, the Editor's Choice program is the first step to our higher-level programs and designations. iUniverse chooses only those titles that have the essential qualities of a professionally published book to be part of the  designation. Learn more »

What is the Rising Star Program?
Rising Star is a one-of-kind program that provides authors with enhanced opportunities for exposure on local, regional and national levels. Books that are well positioned for the market and authors who have a clearly identified marketing platform and the drive to effectively execute that plan are identified through the program. Learn more »

What is the STAR Program?
The STAR Program is the highest and most sought-after designation among iUniverse authors. Those authors who have achieved high levels of editorial and bookselling success will reap the benefits similar to those of traditionally published titles. Learn more »