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Publishing the iUniverse Way

Submitting Your Manuscript - Submission How To's



Once you've formatted your manuscript and completed the items requested on the Submission Checklist, you're ready to submit your book for publication.

There are two ways to submit your manuscript to iUniverse, online through our secure Web site (this is not the same as e-mailing it), or through postal mail for an additional handling charge. We recommend that you submit your manuscript through the Web site.

Submitting Online

  1. After you have completed your iUniverse Publishing Package purchase, simply log in to your myUniverse account.
  2. Click the "Start Submission" button to begin your online submission.


Submitting by Mail

If you have already purchased your Publishing Package and choose to submit your manuscript by mail, you will need to save the following files to a disk (or disks) and mail the disk(s) to us:

  • Your properly formatted manuscript
  • A completed title submission form

For further instructions on submitting your manuscript submission by mail, please visit our Manuscript By Mail page.

If you have not purchased your publishing package and wish to submit your payment via postal mail along with your manuscript, please visit the Packages page and click the Publish Now button for the publishing package that you've selected.

Please note: An additional $100 fee will be assessed when you submit your manuscript by mail.

We also accept hard copy "paper" submissions. Via our Text Scanning and Conversion service, we'll scan your pages for $0.99 per page and provide you with an electronic file of your manuscript that you may revise and submit when you're ready.