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  • Published: October 2016
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  • ISBN: 9781532007880

The Mousetales are a group of whimsical, playful episodes that tell of children who are aided in nighttime distress by dedicated “mouses” of the Children‛s Mouse Brigade. Henry and Ginger and their fellow Brigade members are involved in adventure after adventure as they ensure that children not suffer sleepless nights or fear of the dark. The Brigade accomplishes its missions through inventive approaches, prompted by unique mousevision and mousememory that calm the children, thereby making them feel safe. They are ably assisted in their efforts by a mousenet piggybacked to the humans‛ net; by their comprehension of English and, for some members, of French (although they cannot speak either language, only their native mousespeak); and, for travel, by the US Postal Service, on whose trucks the “mouses” hitch rides.


“Mousetale 1” relates the history of the Brigade and introduces Henry, the principal male mouse, and his training and first mission. “Mousetale 2” recounts Henry‛s introduction to Ginger, the principal female mouse, a connection that unfortunately gets off on the wrong paw for them but ends well for several children. “Mousetale 3” tells of Henry and Ginger‛s engagement and marriage and the children saved owing to Ginger‛s intervention. “Mousetale 4” introduces us to a little girl who is in distress on account of her father (and 4 is significant because we make the acquaintance of four identical baby “mouses,” all girls). “Mousetale 5” and “Mousetale 6” take us to the next generation as Henry and Ginger‛s daughters also become members in good standing of the Children‛s Mouse Brigade.

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