Being and Dialectic

Core Tenets of Existential Dialectical Materialism
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  • Published: October 2016
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  • Pages: 128
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781532008849

Existential dialectical materialism is the philosophic synthesis of Marxism (dialectical materialism) and existentialism, providing the delineation of a new philosophic paradigm based on a more adequate view of humanity and the nature of human reality.

Being and Dialectic sets forth the core principles of the philosophy. Among other insights, the new and intriguing law of politicoeconomic entropy is shown to naturally arise from the philosophy’s deductive structure.

Existential dialectical materialism is at once both a philosophy of revolution and conservativisim, being the rational result of the necessary dialectic development of political-philosophical theory and thought

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