I (Man)من

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  • Published: January 2015
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 236
  • Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781491749234

This book is about the material mould and spiritual mould of human:
In the material mould section the human senses, rights, individual and social life, existence and environment are being discussed. Then in the spiritual mould section his message and relation between (two versions of) his personalities with the material world, range and possibilities of his mind are being reviewed as well as his beliefs.
This writing is an ordered collection of all my lifetime acquisitions that are in a form of sleep, daydreaming and wakefulness in one full day and night. It is not a story with a start and an end; it is like a dream without a clear beginning and ending which is not based on wakefulness logics.
The purpose of this scenario is to attract some readers. As there is no certainty in the content, it has been written based on questions, and not answers. I can go further and say that I prefer all my sentences in the form of question even this very sentence. But for better understanding I have benefited from the regular writing style, even though I have not reached the answer, at least I could help to clarify the subject by raising some questions.
As a matter of fact, the main point of the philosophy is to improve understanding and expand mind in which the message of self awareness, and therefore theology and the secret of well being is hidden. By enhancing knowledge and understanding, human feels satisfied in a way that his soul is being gently touched by the smell of flowers, birds singing, spring breeze and the beauty of the nature. This satisfaction is in fact the message and feeling of happiness; therefore the message received by reading these notes and mind expanding practices provides the possibility to understand more, to purify soul, to decrease materialistic values, to value more spirituality and to seek for human attainments and self awareness. The satisfaction of this evolving leads to the road of happiness. As it is necessary to continuously practice to have a fit body, it is an essential fact to keep doing mind expanding practices to reach these attainments and self awareness. Being successful in this evolution is resulted by mind developing and more comprehension, and the ultimate understanding is hidden in silence, a spiritual silence, a silence not caused by lack of understanding the message but because there is a lack of sufficient means to convey it.
So this is the reader who is responsible to understand the ultimate message and by constantly expanding and practicing his mind clarify the ambiguity of silence.

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