The Journey to Becoming a Professional Soccer Player

A Manual

What separates most young soccer players who make it into a professional league from their peers who stop playing in high school or college is desire and passion. But if you want to join the ranks of professional players, you’ll also need to master some fundamental skills. Author Pedro Alves, who grew up in a family of semiprofessional and professional players, delivers inspirational advice and practical guidance in this manual.

You can learn how to

• develop or instill the confidence needed to succeed;
• recognize mistakes that prevent players from reaching their potential;
• schedule training and manage time;
• select the right position, coaches, and mentors; and
• live a balanced life as you work toward goals.

This guidebook takes you through an entire regimen of training, from age four to age nineteen and beyond. It’s also laced with examples of people who dared to dream big and succeeded.

Whether you’re a coach, supportive parent or young athlete seeking to become a better player, you can find a treasure trove of advice and information in The Journey to Becoming a Professional Soccer Player.

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