From Adam to Omega

An Anatomy of UFO Phenomena

Extraterrestrial life has been a philosophical issue that has not been high on the priority list for scientific study. Since the UFO issue revolves around possible alien visitors, however, it is essential to determine if extraterrestrial life could exist and, if so, whether it could visit our world. In From Adam to Omega, author A. R. Roberts provides a comprehensive compendium of UFO phenomena, followed by his interpretations of how those phenomena relate to religious and historical texts.

Roberts provides a commonsense approach and a logical evaluation of the most credible evidence available—evidence compiled by reliable researchers and investigators. He examines a plethora of questions:

• Are UFOs real?

• Were extraterrestrials involved with ancient civilizations?

• Are aliens abducting people and performing strange tests and examinations?

• Does the Bible reveal evidence of extraterrestrial visitation?

• Did the US Air Force really retrieve crashed UFOs and alien bodies?

• Are the military, the government, and NASA hiding the truth?

• Is there evidence of an alien agenda?

From Adam to Omega presents thought-provoking and interesting information as it examines the evidence to determine what is fact and what is fiction. Roberts offers a unique perspective on the UFO mystery.

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