The Time Value of Life

Why Time Is More Valuable than Money

Life is treasured in minutes, hours, days, months, and years. In The Time Value of Life, author Tisa L. Silver shares how a simple decision-making rule used in finance can be applied to making decisions in other areas of life—especially how to wisely use the time you’ve been given on earth.

A student-turned-professor of finance, Silver introduces the Time Value of Money (TVM) model. She uses hypothetical and real-life examples to show why time should be treated as a valuable gift and demonstrates the parallels between finance and life and between money and time. Silver advocates taking the following steps:

  • Recognize time is a limited resource.
  • Diversify investments.
  • Respect time.
  • Believe in your investments.
  • Make collaborative investments.
  • Understand good investments pay off.
  • Realize the past doesn’t dictate the future.
  • Know that your future value depends on your inputs.

The Time Value of Life communicates that time is more valuable than money because the value of your life depends on what you do with your time. Stop spending time; start investing it. By being careful about the way you invest your time now, you can enjoy the rewards later.

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