How to make a Slingbow

  • Also available as: E-Book
  • Published: May 2009
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 78
  • Size: 8.25x11
  • ISBN: 9781440102981

These newest to the world of archery - target “paintball trackless crossbows” and “trackless crossbows”, you hand / home shop / shop - make for yourself or hand-made by your favorite cabinet shop / wood-working handy-man / archery bow maker, for a life-time collectable (s) ! They are the first on planet earth, that we know of through our archery shop researches and the first archery target bows that launch - “Target Arrows, Fishing Arrows, Game Hunting Arrows”, with an adapted “Whisker Biscuit” or "Archery Fishing" arrows rest and others, also, “Paintballs” - (freelance launch) & the silver spheres (1 - 5 shot pieces at a time) and air-soft bb’s, reg. bb’s just like arrows, up to approx. 100 yards distanced targets and for small game hunting ! These new archery target bows shoot (5) or more different ammo.s, (including “Paintballs 40 - 43 - 50 - 68 calibers ), 1 - 4 shot pieces at a time, 180 - 350+ fps.! So, the ammo.s choice is yours or your parental guides, for safety purposes ! These new “Trackless Crossbows” in this new book are “all” basically inter-changable with each other and “all” their bow parts are very easy to replace, too. Also, the new bows make a “One Of A Kind” gift, already hand-made bow(s) or the book and they’re a quite unique hand-me-down, too! These are alot of fun in our version at Slingbows Archery, a new competitive archery target scoring “Paint-ball” game, “Paintball Archery” and on the "Paintball Field Courses, Too", playing in competition against CO2 paintball guns, for a new form of sports! Also, by these being the first, “Originals”, and “One Of A Kind”, then the fi rst made will be the most valued life-time collectables, as time goes past!

To inspire better relationships, like Father and Son working together, to make something that will last along time, and continue the great memories! This book is also, for the sportswomen and sportsmen of the archery sports and in great expectations that these innovated trackless crossbows will help create a new sport in America and other great countries! These are a great training and course leading to other archery sports, and are, a new archery sport and fun! I really want to include a note of inspiration, because the “Low Country” of Georgia, with its wonderful natural resources, lead myself in many ways to invent, including all of our proto-typing, researches and our developments, in creating “The Eagle I & II” and “The V-king I & II” - Totally Trackless Crossbows at Slingbows Archery. Also, this includes the cities of Midway, Hinesville, Richmond Hill and our great historical city of Savannah, GA.

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