My Quest For Computer Cognition

To raise his grade average in biology class, New York high school sophomore Kurt Machaen Soldier writes an extra credit report. A patchwork of seemingly insignificant thoughts is hurriedly transferred to paper and handed in as A Treatise on the Nature of Life. A reading of this dissertation leads Kurt’s biology teacher onto a train of thought to recognize the homeostatic force links all known forms of life to a Creator.

Kurt’s treatise is a prophetic instrument given to the North American continent in the last half of the twentieth century that his nation can and will use to impose a moral standard on the future world.

The treatise is also a template, a conceptual blueprint to theorize designs for the invention of practical, functional, and prototypical computer systems and devices mimicking biological cognition. A work of fiction, My Quest for Computer Cognition intends to be the spark challenging and motivating future generations toward the realization of computer cognition.

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