Poetic Justice

Now seventy, Vera has never stopped loving Edgar. Finances and family pressure prohibited their mature love. Vera's heart is heavy. For years, not knowing where Edgar was, she suddenly learns that Edgar is in a hospital, unconscious after heart surgery. Edgar's grandson, Ryan, finds Vera and takes her to Edgar to talk to him, hoping he will regain consciousness.

Vera reads poems she never knew Edgar had written to her. She now knows that Edgar still loves her.

Relationships of their families contribute interest as Vera's widower son Rob, falls in love after vowing never to love again. Vera's granddaughter, Sally, meets Ryan and they become friends. Could their friendship grow into a meaningful relationship?

Vera can only hope and pray that Edgar will snap out of the coma-like condition and accept her love for him. Will she be able to coax him out of the coma?

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