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Integrated Social Media Publicist


With approximately a billion registered users, Facebook has skyrocketed in popularity since its introduction to the social media world in 2004. That’s quite an impressive number – and quite the potential audience for your book. But how do you find your niche in such an eclectic group of people? iUniverse can help you find your voice by creating a Facebook fan page with customized banners, layout and design.  If you’re not a social media expert, we’ll provide you with the assistance and education you need to successfully kick your online marketing efforts into high gear.

We’ll set up and maintain your Facebook fan page for one year, creating a powerful, highly-integrated marketing tool that incorporates a WordPress blog, your pre-existing personal website, and book detail page onto your fan page. In addition to a six-week campaign to launch your social media marketing efforts on Facebook, we’ll also focus on your outreach with Twitter and your blog. By integrating your social media sites on your custom Facebook fan page, potential fans will be able to find information about you and your book in a snap.

Integrated Social Media Publicist includes:

  • Personal Social Media Publicist: You will be assigned social media publicist who will work with you throughout the six-week campaign, as well as a project manager who will coordinate communications.

  • Author Education: We will provide an overview on your campaign, explaining what you should expect and why we’re focusing on specific social media topics.

  • Identification of a Target Audience: You will collaborate to create a message platform for your identified target audience.

  • Development of an Editorial Calendar: Your publicist will develop an editorial calendar outlining the following: topics for blogs, Facebook goals and additional social media websites relevant to your book’s topic, experience and expertise.

  • Facebook Fan Page: With unique applications, your fan page will reflect you and your book and allow you to reach out to millions of Facebook users. A fan page allows you to brand yourself and your message as you interact with your audience.

  • Fan Page Maintenance for One Year: If you need help with maintenance of your Facebook fan page, you can call us for support for up to one year even after your initial Social Media Publicist campaign is complete.

  • Customized Banners: Our graphic designers will create three unique banners for you to post on your fan page in order to grab the attention of your audience, promote your book in a professional manner and brand your page.

  • Online-Copy Assistance: Once your plan of action is established, your publicist will assist in writing, editing and proofing your blog posts.

  • Weekly Guidance: You will receive weekly guidance and consultation to establish direction and leverage engagement with fans, followers and relevant dialogue.

  • Reporting: Each week of your six-week campaign you will receive reports that measure your social media presence. Your publicist will use the information to determine the effectiveness of your campaign, tweaking follow-up steps where necessary. After your six-week campaign ends, you will receive a final report outlining the social media activity for the entire campaign.

View a sample Facebook fan page.

Here are a few reasons why a fan page is beneficial to you even if you already have a Facebook profile:

  • Your Facebook page will be a one-stop resource for your fans and potential audience with your blog, personal website and book detail page integrated into one easily accessible fan page
  • Fan pages are public, which means your page can be found by Internet search engines, such as Google, and millions of Facebook users can find your page and “like” it. Facebook profiles, on the other hand, are private with stricter privacy policies.
  • Multimedia options let you upload videos, photos and podcast, so it’s easy to share interviews with local media, book trailers, photos from a book signing and more.
  • Advertising your book is easy. You can post excerpts of your book and add a “buy now” button with a link to purchase your book. You also have the option to highlight positive reviews and create public events for your signings, speaking engagements and more.
  • It’s easy to send updates to fans, such as a new mention of your book in a media source, an upcoming book signing or when your second book will be released.
  • You can gain free publicity through Facebook’s News Feed when fans “like” your page.
  • You’ll learn about your fans and customers with the reporting we and Facebook provide, such as the gender, age and nationality of your followers.
  • A Facebook profile is limited to 5,000 friends, but a fan page is endless!


With this campaign, you can connect instantly with potential readers and increase your visibility worldwide. To learn more or to order this service, contact your marketing consultant at 1-800-AUTHORS.

*Note: The Integrated Social Media Publicist service is in no way endorsed by, administered by, or associated with Facebook.



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