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A personal publicist is your professional connection to the world of book marketing. When you want to make a serious long-term commitment towards the success of your book, iUniverse offers solutions to help you build and maintain a marketing platform for an extended period of time. Our publicity campaigns pair you with a publicist who works with you to create media interest in your book.

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Premium Global Campaign 

For authors who want to reach a worldwide audience, a Premium Global Campaign teams you with a personal publicist who will work to gain international media attention for your book for 12 weeks.

Online Newsmaker Publicity Campaign 

Your personal publicist can boost your book through online viral marketing efforts by incorporating a blog into your six-week campaign.

Newsmaker Publicity Campaign

Let a personal publicist manage your six-week campaign, which includes a professionally written press release for wide distribution.

Social Media Publicist

Now is your chance to work with a publicist and find your niche among millions of active users. This service provides the assistance and education you need to successfully kick your online marketing efforts into high gear.