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Premium Global Campaign


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Expand your marketing reach to an international audience. With 25 years experience and hundreds of book publicity campaigns completed, our publicity team approaches multiple media outlets to secure maximum media exposure for books. During your 12-week campaign, your personal publicist lays the framework for your media coverage throughout the United States and Canada, and to English-language newspaper, magazine, radio, Internet and select television* outlets throughout the world.

How the Premium Global Campaign works:

  • You are assigned a personal publicist who creates  and distributes press materials including a book release, highlighting your book from a newsworthy angle and an interview release designed to secure radio and TV interviews. View a sample book release
  • Utilizing an industry-leading database and a vast network of personal contacts developed over years, your personal publicist pitches and distributes press releases to targeted newspaper, magazine, radio, and select television* and Internet outlets across the United States and Canada, and English-language media around the world.
  • Your press releases are sent to media outlets expressing interest as well as a select group of at least 5,000 outlets covering topics related to your book, with prompt follow-up by your personal publicist.
  • Throughout the 12-week campaign, you will receive weekly written updates reporting the types of media contacted, a list of media interested in you and your book, and pitching plans for the following week.

*Note: If you are traveling to another country outside of the United States for promotional activities, then international television outlets will be contacted.

“My publicist’s work resulted in my receiving a review of my book covering a full page of the NY Post, about a dozen radio interviews, some reviews on web sites and journals, and reviews in several print magazines. She worked tirelessly on the project, always was receptive to any suggestion I might make, was willing to talk out any point, and always answered any call with pleasantness. My experience was a good one and I can recommend the service without reservation.”

- Ronald Probstein, author of Honest Sid

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To learn more or to order this service, contact your marketing consultant at 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677).


Call 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677) to order now!