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Lisa Genova

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Author Podcast with Lisa Genova

Still Alice

From initially publishing Still Alice through iUniverse to getting the book acquired for a six-figure deal by Simon & Schuster, Lisa Genova’s publishing journey is an inspiring story. Even after she received rejection letters from several traditional publishing houses and literary agents, Genova always believed she had written a good story. And with nearly 5,000 people already diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease before the age of 65, she knew that in order to raise awareness, her story had to get out.

Still Alice is the account of a 50-year-old professor’s struggle with early-onset Alzheimer’s. The novel gives an atypical look at disease because it was written from the perspective of the inside looking out. Answering questions such as, “who am I now?” and “who am I beyond the things I remember?” Join Genova in this exclusive Author Talk interview as she recounts her experiences as a self-published author and gives her advice on what to do instead of waiting for affirmation that you are a “real writer.”

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