60 Ways to Protect Your Children from Sexual Predators

WHY CASTRATION WON'T WORK Many times, you will hear people say, "Why don't we just castrate all the sex offenders? That will do the job." But, in fact, it won't, for some very simple reasons. First, long-term studies have already shown that, in spite of all the media hype, most convicted sex offenders (up to 75% of them) do not re-offend. (Hanson, 1999). To castrate them is a waste of time. Secondly, most children are not molested by them. Most children are molested by someone they know and trust: like a friendly neighbor, down the street, or a school teacher, volunteer in some youth group or at the church. Often, unfortunately, by a relative in the family, be that an older brother, cousin, an inlaw or step-parent. Because none of them have been caught, we don't call them "sex offenders" and, as a result, 'castrating all the sex offenders' won't get them. They will still be left just as free as before. There is a better answer. Records now show that when convicted sex offenders are given exactly the kind of treatment and counseling in that is described in this book, re-offense rates are cut by 60%. (Alexander 1999). It is not terribly complicated. It isn't just a lot of theories. It is just simple, blunt honesty: making men face the reality of what they are doing, and how it is also wrecking their own lives, then training them in the steps it takes to stop doing so. That is what does it, right there. Here is the book that tells it all. In ten chapters, I relate how it happened that I became a child molester and got over it. That was almost 20 years ago now and I remain re-offense free, with no further convictions or arrests. The lessons from it that you can use to protect your children are given at the end of each chapter. If you follow them, your child will be safer than ever before. Steps that sex offenders can take to earn their way back into the community and a prescription for the healing of America conclude the work.

The readers' resources section includes a listing of further books, journals, websites, referral agencies and self-recovery organizations that may also be of use to those who want more information. Fully indexed, the book will be a useful guide in all future child sex abuse trials. If you have any questions, write me at: jake.goldenflame@gmail.com

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